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Trusts aren't just for the super wealthy. They are for anyone who wants to protect their hard-earned assets.

Simple. Convenient. Robust. Secure. 

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Schedule your free call with Intervention Point today and allow us to secure your legacy for you. 


Meet your one-stop solution to preserving your legacy and protecting your assets.

Intervention Point’s customized estate document creation services assures your family's wishes are legally protected by a trust portfolio. This portfolio includes a revocable trust, pour-over will, powers of attorney, and advanced medical directives for each spouse, plus 5 years of emergency medical card services.

For 25 million middle and upper-middle-class families, Intervention Point is the only estate document solution that is simple and specific enough to support their needs with personal, live support through every step of our patent-pending process.

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Our conversation is completely complimentary.

We will add value first!

You will discover where opportunities exist to protect your family and legacy.

We will uncover the estate pitfalls and address them.

You will be able to select how you want to proceed to protect your estate.

Take a Peek Inside Your Future Trust Portfolio

Secure your legacy with growing assets from ongoing investments paid out over time to your heirs. A million dollar estate in a trust can pay out over $3 million across two generations of heirs. Our services enable you to keep your estate private by avoiding probate court and establish various guardrails to protect your heirs. 

Each portfolio includes a revocable living trust for you and your spouse that keeps you in total control of all your assets while alive, and includes the following applications:

Grandmother and Grandson

A/B/C Trust

An A/B/C Trust assures that assets are identified by spouse so that children/heirs from a prior marriage are protected. 

"See Through" IRA/401K

A "See Through" IRA/401k enables qualified plans to be paid out for a 10 year period to your children rather than in lump sum. 

Last Will & Testament

Last Will & Testament that functions to ″pour over″ assets left out of the trust funding kit into the trust at death.

Advanced Medical Directives

Advanced Medical Directives to assure that your medical decisions are executed when you are incapacitated.

Healthcare & Financial Power of Attorney

Healthcare Power of Attorney and Financial Power of Attorney for proper execution of your directives.


All your documents securely stored in an encrypted cloud account accessible by your trustee and heirs.

Nurse And Patient
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Nevada Trust Location and Lawyer

Nevada trust location and lawyer review incorporating the nation′s best trust laws, tax domain and courts.

Restate Your Existing Trust

You may also “restate” an existing trust and Will to update your existing documents and make sure there is no confusion with multiple documents and their access.

Add-On Sub-Trusts

Add on sub-trusts include Medicaid Qualifying Trust for long-term care asset protection, Special Needs Trust for special needs children, and Charitable Remainder Trusts to avoid tax risk.


$5 billion

The Trust Partners we are aligned with have over $5 Billion in Assets Under Management


Most Clients Spend $2450 for a Complete Trust Portfolio including Legal Fees

1 hour

1 Hour to Complete a

Trust Portfolio Interview

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"Now I stay connected to my clients without surprises!"

I had a client with over $15 million in assets; they went to do their estate documents with a lawyer, who promptly took management of all their assets to an RIA, and I was left with no client or assets under management. Now I stay connected to my clients without surprises!

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