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Disclaimer: The Intervention Point Document Assembly Platform is a  secure software as a service platform that provides clients access to our simple estate planning questionnaire and templated assembly introduced by financial advisors, insurance agents, or financial planners/CPAs. Client and Agents then have a joint call with our service center personnel who fill out the questionnaire based on responses from the client. The platform enables sharing of all documents in each stage with legal counsel, financial advisors or other personal advisors as desired by the client. No advice, legal or otherwise, is given by our client services team.

By proceeding to the Document Assembly Platform, Agent/Advisor agrees as follows in addition to the existing Agent Agreement.  Agent/Advisor shall not provide estate planning legal advice or draft any estate planning wording for Agent/Advisor’s clients.  Agent/Advisor represents and warrants that they are engaged in the offering of financial planning advice, and not legal advice. Neither IP nor any IMO shall be liable for any loss or damage to Agent/Advisor or any third party, including but not limited to, Agent/Advisor’s clients in the event that Agent/Advisor does not comply with the Agent Agreement and/or provides information to individuals which is not consistent with the training and documentation provided by IP.

Agent/Advisor recognizes and concedes for all purposes that all trademarks, service marks, trade names, or identifying slogans used to promote the products and services of IP, and any accompanying brochures and promotional materials, whether or not registered, constitute the exclusive property of IP and cannot be used except in connection with promotion of the products and services.  During the term of this Agreement, Agent/Advisor is authorized by IP to use IP’s trademarks, service marks, and logo in connection with Agent/Advisor’s promotion of the products and services, provided that Agent/Advisor’s use of such trademarks, service marks, and logo shall be in accordance with applicable trademark laws and with IP’s prior approval. 

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