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Our Product Portfolio

Our extensive product offering guarantees the things you care most about multiple levels of protection.

Your estate Docu-Plan will include a revocable living trust, featuring one document sets for both spouses, allow you to retain privacy, keep control over asset transfers, and avoid probate and costly administrative fees. The revocable living trust also includes last Will and Testament, safely stores you or your client's records, asset funding, durable powers of attorney, and an A/B/C Marital Trust, all supported under Nevada's and South Dakota's trust laws, which contains the nations most advantageous trust laws, tax domains, and trust courts.

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Previous Marriage

Consideration needs to be given to your children from a previous marriage; protect them from inadvertently being disinherited by spouse at time of death.

Asset Distribution

You identify the specific age the beneficiary would begin receiving assets; we hold assets in Trust for the beneficiary, which also protects assets from creditors, divorce, etc.

Unequal Distribution

Specify unequal share of assets to each beneficiary, or if a non-monetary asset needs to be given to a specific beneficiary.

Charitable Terms

Specify your donation to your charity to be done before beneficiary distributions.

IRA "Stretch"

By having your IRA assets “flow through” your Trust, it assures the IRA proceeds and tax-free growth transfers to your beneficiaries.



Medicaid Trust

70% of those 65 and older will be in a senior care facility. This trust provides protection of assets from a ‘spend down’ to qualify for Medicaid payments for a long stay at a nursing home.

Asset Protection Trust

The settlor/creator would transfer assets to the trustee of a trust to which he – as well as any other beneficiary of the trust – is recognized as a “permitted beneficiary”. 

Charitable Remainder Trust

This trust reduces the risk for capital gains taxes and gives you an immediate tax deduction for the future gift, while providing a 20-40 year payout. It can also be used to extend the tax protection for IRAs that expire for non-spousal heirs after 10 years.

Special Needs Trust

This trust allows you to appoint a future guardian to carry out parental wishes for their children and to protect their SDI payments from revocation.

Update Trust

If you already have a Revocable Living Trust, you can ‘re-state’ your Trust and update everything to account for current objectives, while keeping your original Trust date.

Specific Trust Offerings

Special Needs Trust

We offer a Special Needs Trust that assures proper support and protection without disqualifying special needs family members from receiving SSI and/or Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) benefits while creating a customized life plan for them. 

The Special Needs Trust is specifically designed as a foundational vehicle by which guardians are to carry out the wishes of a deceased parent regarding their children, including children with mild disabilities or even “special needs” children. The SNT is recommended for anyone, parents or custodians alike, who have minors and/or others in their care with either permanent or the ability to outgrow challenges or disabilities (regardless of severity).

Our Special Needs Plan is an online guide that is a companion to the Special Needs Trust. Anyone caring for ANY minor children and/or other dependent family members with disabilities, including SSI recipients will find it a critical support tool. The Plan provides a complete lifestyle model for your guardian appointee, referencing allergies, food sensitivities, physical care, special education, advisers, challenges, disabilities, special needs, routines, preferences, instructions, known messages, and other specifications. The Plan can be updated via a secure, online portal at DocuBank and is made available to the appointed guardian when necessary for the guardian’s access to the Plan.

Key Benefits:

  • PROTECTION from court-ordered guardianship by strangers​

  • SUFFICIENT FINANCIAL RESOURCES for a future guardian through end-of-life estate planning tools

  • A BRIDGED INSTRUMENT with over 500 questions to create specific parent-directed applications of the Special Needs Plan that can be referenced and followed

  • A COMPLETE PLAN to apply parent-informed, child-centric activities concerning daily lifestyle, diet, educational needs, family advisers, and many other patterns of life to create normalcy

  • "SPECIAL" can relate to achievers beyond normal that may not need disability support, but could achieve important accomplishments with the training, tutoring, and coaching that could be gone if the parental support was missing

A/B/C Marital Trust

Today, families are very complicated!

In many cases (40%) multiple marriages may complicate disposition of family assets as children from prior marriages could lose out on designated assets if your spouse spent down all the family assets after your death.

This is part of our standard trust product and enables both spouses to get the same protection for one basic price.

Key Benefits

  • Assures that your spouse will get the maximum marital deduction available under tax laws

  • You will receive the same protection as your spouse

  • Children from separate parents can be accounted for separately per your desire

Asset Protection Trust

Asset protection trusts have become the favored vehicles to protect the estates of business owners, professionals and those who want avoid the uncomfortable conversations around prenuptial agreements with this Nevada statute that non-Nevada residents can now acquire.


The newest twist (validated in the recent Nevada court decision, Klabacka vs. Nelson ) is the ability for the creator of the trust to not only have access to the earnings of this irrevocable trust, but to have access to the principle with full protection from creditors, ex spouses and lawsuits invading the trust assets.

Key Benefits:

  • EXEMPT from all legal or equitable processes initiated against the beneficiary by their creditors –unless contrary to public policy (such as bankruptcy or tax policy)​

  • COMPLETELY SECURE from the beneficiary’s creditors regardless of the type or the extent of the value of the interest(s) or even the length of time the interest is held in trust provided the transfers to the DAPT were established lawfully

  • NOT ASSIGNABLE or subjected to waiver by the beneficiary – either voluntarily or involuntarily, directly or indirectly – for the benefit of any other person or entity(s), including not being available to satisfy the beneficiary’s creditor claims and/or a marital elective share

Medicaid Qualifying Trust

As you know nursing home or senior care facilities can cost $100,000 a year per person and are rising fast!  If you run out of the ability to pay for your care the state can seize your home. A Medicaid Qualifying Trust may protect certain assets subject to state seizure in the case of a long-term care the spend-down.

Your first thought is to acquire long-term care insurance to pay for these expenses, but unlimited policies are expensive. There are 5-year term policies and life policies that allow 50% of the death benefit to be used for long-term care. Hopefully, you will live well past this period. When you do live longer than you can pay for care, the state can take your home and other assets as part of the Medicaid Recovery Act.

Key Benefits:

  • There is a solution to preserve your home and other assets for your heirs…

  • The Medicaid Qualifying Trust (assets must be in a trust for 60 months to be protected) may protect certain assets subject to the spend-down, before government assistance would be provided. ​

  • By putting assets like your home into your Medicaid Qualifying Trust (MQT), your home may be protected so when the times comes it is passed on to your beneficiary. While your assets are in the Irrevocable MQT you can continue receiving income from these assets.

IRA, 401K, or Other Qualified Plan Layouts

Most IRAs and/or 401Ks are unfortunately disbursed in a one-lump-sum-distribution event upon the owner’s decease, which often produces undesirable consequences for family members:


  • Adverse tax consequences for heirs

  • Young heirs handling large amounts of money could blow through it all very quickly with negative impact on their health

  • The risk of creditors and/or spendthrift spouses or x-spouses making a claim on the value


  • You can maximize and protect your IRA for your beneficiary!

  • We can reduce your worries with an Inherited IRA Minimum-Distribution Trust Addendum that can stretch the distributions of your qualified accounts to your heirs over their expected lifetimes, and all while allowing tax-sheltered growth and asset protection of those accounts.

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