Did you know that your family members with special needs may lose important state benefits if there is a lump-sum inheritance upon your death?

We offer a Special Needs Trust that assures proper support and protection without disqualifying special needs family members from receiving SSI and/or Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) benefits while creating a customized life plan for them. 

The Special Needs Trust is specifically designed as a foundational vehicle by which guardians are to carry out the wishes of a deceased parent regarding their children, including children with mild disabilities or even “special needs” children. The SNT is recommended for anyone, parents or custodians alike, who have minors and/or others in their care with either permanent or the ability to outgrow challenges or disabilities (regardless of severity).

Special Needs Trust

  • PROTECTION from court-ordered guardianship by strangers

  • SUFFICIENT FINANCIAL RESOURCES for a future guardian through end-of-life estate planning tools

  • A BRIDGED INSTRUMENT with over 500 questions to create specific parent-directed applications of the Special Needs Plan that can be referenced and followed

  • A COMPLETE PLAN to apply parent-informed, child-centric activities concerning daily lifestyle, diet, educational needs, family advisers, and many other patterns of life to create normalcy

  • "SPECIAL" can relate to achievers beyond normal that may not need disability support, but could achieve important accomplishments with the training, tutoring, and coaching that could be gone if the parental support was missing

Our Special Needs Plan is an online guide that is a companion to the Special Needs Trust. Anyone caring for ANY minor children and/or other dependent family members with disabilities, including SSI recipients will find it a critical support tool. The Plan provides a complete lifestyle model for your guardian appointee, referencing allergies, food sensitivities, physical care, special education, advisers, challenges, disabilities, special needs, routines, preferences, instructions, known messages, and other specifications. The Plan can be updated via a secure, online portal at DocuBank and is made available to the appointed guardian when necessary for the guardian’s access to the Plan.