1 Hour to Complete a

Trust Portfolio Interview


$2,000 or Less that Most Clients

Spend for a Complete Trust

Portfolio including Legal Fees


The Trust Partners we are

aligned with have over $12 Billion

in Assets Under Management




We are a team dedicated to bringing access to those in need of critical information, products and services through technology.


"I had a client with over $15 million in assets, they went to do their estate documents with a lawyer who promptly took management of all their assets to a friend who was an RIA and I was left with no client or assets under management. Now I stay connected to my clients without surprises!"  

R.M., an RIA

“Thank you for your quick response tonight. I don’t know any attorney that would have moved so fast to help one of our clients in an emergency situation. Thanks again.”


“It is like you read my mind on what documents I might need for this process.”


“I really like the family value additions.”   

T. G.

“I had no idea how my small estate could benefit my heirs with so much compounded growth.” 

R. M.

“You have lifted a weight off of my shoulders.” 


“Thanks for your kind efforts with us. You have my respect for the expertise and follow through you displayed in assisting us.”